Auto Show

From classic American muscle to exotic Italian street machines, there’s something for everybody to gawk at. Come see machines you, your dad and his dad dream about. We’ll parade them through the festival ground and watch (and listen) as they rev up on the mobile Dyno and compete for Best-In-Show.


From classic American muscle to exotic European street machines, there’s something for everybody gawk at. Come see machines you, your dad and his dad dream about. Join us early on May 30th as these works of art shimmer in the springtime sun.

Go Texas Time Traveling with us as we create a concourse of cars from every decade of the automobile age – from the horseless carriages en vogue at the turn of the 20th century to the latest in automotive technology. From the latest offerings by Hennessey, Lamborghini and Ferrari to classics by Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge, nowhere else in Texas will you find what we have on the pavement for you at Go Wheels Up! Texas.


The first area will be for exotic cars, we are calling this area “The Highway.” Here we will be displaying our exotic vehicles and special vehicles. Lamborghinis, Ferraris, etc along with a few race cars from Circuit of The Americas and anything else we see fit for really what should be the main attraction of the Auto Show. We will have a concert stage in this area and a dyno for anyone that wants to put their cars to the test at our event!


The second area will be a walk through time from the earliest cars we can find to the latest. We are calling this area “Cory Morrows Texas Time Traveling Machine.” The idea here is to have a walk through of the history or the automobile from the first examples we can find through each decade – showing off some of the most unique and original examples of these vehicles. The cars will be arranged in a manner that you get the feeling that you are walking down a ‘street’ with cars on both sides of you and will weave through the space provided. This will give everyone something to look at that they enjoy, regardless of what vehicle they really want to see.


The third area will be a general car show. We are calling this area “Just Along For The Ride.” Here we will have the nicest examples of a regular Friday night car show, except this isn’t your local Pep Boys parking lot! These cars will be nice, clean, high horsepower, pro touring style, rare, or anything else that catches our eye. We are looking for the cars that only get to come out of the garage once or twice a year because they are that nice/rare.